Getting Started

Q: How is Krakatoa different than other marketplaces?

A: Krakatoa is different than other CS:GO marketplaces because it is the first wallet-based marketplace. This means that users directly control their own funds, and never have to store money in a balance system.

Q: What do I need to get started?

A: You will need a Metamask wallet that will help you access the crypto world as well as Krakatoa. We have outlined a thorough guide on how to set up your Metamask in Setting up Metamask

Q: Why launch on a Layer 2 like Arbitrum?

A: While the Ethereum network is one of the most popular blockchains in the world, it does not have the most efficient fees. This is where blockchains like Arbitrum come into play. Arbitrum bundles transactions and finalizes them on Ethereum for a fraction of the cost.

Q: How much is truly the cost savings? A: On Ethereum, a typical transaction would cost about $5 for each item that you purchase. That same transaction on Arbitrum is only 15 cents! As a user, you are able to complete 30x more transactions for the same cost as a single transaction on Ethereum.

Q: What cryptocurrencies will I need?

A: You will need USDT in order to purchase any item on Arbitrum. You will also need ETH to pay for the gas fees associated with the blockchain. Gas fees will be paid in ETH and cost around 15 - 30 cents per transaction.

Q: How do I get my cryptocurrencies onto Arbitrum?

A: We have created a detailed guide in the Bridging FAQ in order to begin buying and selling on Krakatoa.

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